In case you want to schedule or automate tasks like shutting down, restarting, hibernating , Standby and Locking then you can use this simple application made by me. It utilizes the psshutdown application and has a automated counter for planning the aforementioned tasks.

  • Just extract the rar file and after you extract there will be two folders, one will be install and the other one will be the application folder and there will also be an executable psshutdown utility.
  • Run the installer application by using the command "java -jar installer.jar"(without the quotes) on the install folder and click on the "Select extracted file psshutdown" button, select the extracted psshutdown file, click on the install button and the application will be ready to use.
  • Now just navigate to the application directory execute the command java -jar shutdown.jar from command prompt to launch the application.
Using the application:-
  • Just launch the application by opening command prompt at the application folder and invoking "java -jar shutdown.jar" (without the quotes) command .
  • Select the time and date for the scheduling the operation.
  • Select the operation from the drop down box that you want to execute and click on the submit button.
  • One can always abort the current operation in between by clicking on the abort button.
  • The label at the bottom will display the time left for the execution of the operation.
Download the application from the link below:-

Following are the snapshots of the application:-

Note:- Its always recommended to create a shortcut for running jar files. So just create a shortcut and in the target prefix the command 'javaw -jar' and save the shortcut.