May 31, 2009

This collection is made from deviant art's some of the most beautiful wallpapers, you can download some of these from below by clicking on the wallpaper image and opening them in a new tab and other wallpapers come in a pack so they can be downloaded in a rar archive format:-

1. Ultra Beam by Yethzart:-

2. High Definition Nature wallpaper by CurtiXs:- This a high definition wallpaper representing nature's pulchritude.

3. Music wallpaper By Zababuga:- This one is a naive looking wallpaper for music lovers.

4. Dandelion Wallpaper for Vista by kamekai :- A great looking wallpaper for windows vista.

5. One of the Wallpaper's from Artspace's 2009 collection:- This one is a eclectic mixture of light and dark colors.

6. Lamborghini wallpaper by Lil Milan :- This one is for people who are fanatic about car wallpaper's and obviously Lamborghini

7. Four Extreme wallpaper's by Bartoszf:- A tribute to music lovers as this wallpaper represents one of the finest musical instrument . I am showing here only one sample but it is available in four background colors and you can download all of them by clicking on the download link (image)

8. Water drop wallpaper by JK89:- This represents the pulchritude of a water droplet on the leaves. This comes in four resolutions and can be downloaded in a rar archive format by clicking on the download link ( download image).

9. Fire wallpaper's by rubina :- This wallpaper comes in three resolutions (1280*800, 1440*900, 1680*1050) and can be downloaded in a rar archive format by clicking on the download link (download image).

10. Vulcan's fury collection by Exntrik :- This is a collection of wallpaper's representing the fury of vulcan where Vulcan is considred to be the god of beneficial and hindering fire. The collection unlike others contains different wallpapers. I am showing here only one sample but there are three different wallpaper's in different resolution's and you can download all of them by clicking on the download link (image).

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May 30, 2009

Intel's Nehalem architecture is utilized in their i7 Core processors for desktops and Nehalem based Xeon processors for servers and the following features tell you about what's new in them and why you should purchase one of these.

  • High performance: The processors perform better than the amd's phenom and intel's core 2 extreme processors available in the market. The extra performance boost is always welcomed by gamers. When performance was tested on the game World of Conflict the phenom processor gave 136 fps, Core 2 extreme processors gave 220 fps whereas the nehalem architecture based processors gave out 250 fps.

  • Enhanced Hyper Threading: Hyper threading technology (HTT) is a term used by intel which simply means simultaneous multi-threading which causes the operating system to interact with a single processor as if you had dual processors. So it doubles the number of threads that can be handled by the processor at one time. Thus if you have a Nehalem based quad core processor it can handle 8 threads going by the same logic.

  • Turbo boost : Dynamic performance Control :-
    This is similar to Overclocking in the standard processors but unlike the standard processors where you had to manually overclock or under-clock the processor to suit your performance requirements, in this case it is handled automatically by the processor depending upon the system load. So if the load is higher it can automatically increase the clock rate i.e basically increasing the frequency and when the load decreases it automatically lowers it's clock rate.

  • QPI(Quick path interconnect):- This technology is similar to amd's hyper transport technology but it is much faster than it. What the QPI does is it gets rid of the FSB(Front Side Bus) in the standard processors. The Xeon and i7 core processors provide 25.6 GB/s per link that is twice that of 1600MHZ FSB (which according to me is very fast :-) ) .

    The QPI architecture provides separate integrated memory controllers for each core so that instead of the memory and I/O requests sharing a bus and waiting for many cycles, the QPI and the memory bus are separate. QPI also provides separate channels for writing and reading, so these tasks can be performed in parallel.

  • 3 Level Cache :- The dual core processors came with a 2 level cache whereas in the nehalem architecture it is expanded to 3 levels of cache. Each processor has it's own L1 and L2 levels of cache and all the processors share the L3 Level cache which is about 8MB in size. The L3 level cache contains copies of the contents of L1 and L2 caches which leads to better performance.

  • DDR-3: Higher speed memory :-
    The Nehalem architecture also supports faster (so logically more expensive) RAM: The DDR3 RAM is 2wice as fast compared to the DDR-2 RAM and also maintains the same ratio when it comes to the prefetch buffer. The prefetch buffer is used to buffer the instructions for the processor when it is performing some operation and logically larger prefetch buffer size leads to better performance.

  • Lower power consumption:- The Intelligent Power Node Manager for Xeon servers will automatically adjust the power for the optimum power to performance ratio (this was already mentioned when the turbo boost feature was explained). This leads to better power management and hence lower power consumption.

Hope this was informational enough and now that you know of the benefits of the nehalem architecture you would be in a better position to know whether or not you want to buy one of these.

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Many of you might have watched the hltv demos (.dem files) of many professional teams and may have liked the way the weapon switching looks in htlv videos. Well if you did enjoy that and would want to have those models while you play counter strike 1.6 then you can download those models from the following link.

After you have downloaded the models perform the following steps:-
  • Backup the cstrike/models directory to some other location in case that you might want to revert to the older weapon models.
  • Extract the weapon models into the cstrike/models directory.
  • Launch the game and try out the new weapon models.

The following is the video made by someone else which shows how these models look like in game.

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Microsoft is in its final stages for launching its new search engine named "Bing" previously known as Kumo. Microsoft will be launching it for the public soon.

Here's what the current site ( looks like which implies that this search engine will be out soon.

The revamped search engine will contain the following added features:
  • A left-hand navigation pane for showing related searches which is based on the semantic technology taken from a firm powerset which microsoft has acquired for quite some time now.
    The semantic technology provides an user the ability to ask questions in normal day to day language and it will be more effective and precise than google's technology. The current implementation of semantic technology in the search engine can be seen at this site.
    The semantic technology according to me is the key area where the search engine will really have to perform otherwise they'll get nowhere near to taking the competition to google.

  • It will also provide Category breakdowns for search results

  • Bringing some information directly into the results page.

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May 29, 2009

What is a Hash and why it is used?

A hash produces a fixed length output given any message and the output depends on individual bits of the data, so a change to any bit may result in change of the hash output. It is used for indexing a particular item and due to the aforementioned property it is also used for verifying the integrity of data because if a data has been changed it would not have the same hash.

/** purely informational **/
It can be produced in many ways like in sha-1 it consists of 4 levels in each level a different function is applied and 20 steps are performed in each level. A 160 bit buffer is used for storing the intermediate values, Initially the buffer contains the 5*32 register values called ABCDE. The operation is performed on 512 bit block of data. The output is produced by xoring the intial value of buffer with the value produced at the last step.
/** **/

How to calculate and verify the hash ?

There are many tools available that can calculate the hash. The tool that i will be using for explanation is FCIV that can calculate both SHA-1 and MD5 hash.

You can download the tool and learn how to use it from the following link:-

after downloading the tool in a directory add it's directory to the path variable so that it can be easily called from anywhere by invoking it from the command line (for help in setting the path variable refer to this post).

When you download a file from the internet through mirrors provided by the site it may happen that the mirror that you are using may provide you an invalid version of the file which could be a virus or spyware.

To verify that the file you downloaded is the correct one you would have to perform the following steps.
  • Note down the md5 hash of the file given at the site .

  • Download the file.

  • Open the command prompt and navigate to the directory in which you have downloaded your file. let abcd be the name of the file for which you want to generate the hash . Now to produce a hash (md5) of the file execute the following command.

    FCIV -add "abcd" -md5 >hash.txt

  • What the last command simply does is, it calculates the md5 hash and then redirects the output to a file hash.txt

  • Now you can open the text file and compare the hash value with the value mentioned at the site. If the two values are same then file's integrity is maintained (i.e it is genuine) else you can be sure of one of the 2 things a) file was downloaded incompletely b) the file is probably a virus or malware.

Note:In the next post i will be mentioning about how to verify whether the torrents are fake or not.

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May 27, 2009

PHLAK is a modular security distribution. It is a derivative of Morphix, created by Alex de Landgraaf. It can be used as a live cd by security professionals to perform security analysis, penetration testing, forensics, and security auditing on a system to check whether it has been compromised in terms of security.

The thing i like the most about it is that it provides one with enough security documentation to be able to help him become a security expert. It has a file cabinet full of security related documentation for your reading/educational purposes.

This distribution comes with the best security tools like hping2, proxychains, lczroex, ettercap, kismet, hunt, achilies, brutus,nmap,nessus, snort, the coronor’s toolkit, ethereal and many others.

It also has standard features like apache, mysql ,iptables, programming compilers etc that come with the linux distributions.

It is user-friendly as it includes two fast, light-weight window managers, XFCE4 (the default) and Fluxbox.

One thing that this distribution lacks is that it is 3.5 years old and new version is nowhere to be seen whereas other penetration testing systems like backtrack are new and under active development.

Note:It's security documentation the one you'll definitely want to have.

It can be downloaded from the following link:-

Following are some of the snapshots of this os:-

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May 26, 2009

What is Wolfram|Alpha ?

First thing's first Wolfram|Alpha is not your conventional search engine but is a computational engine that provides you with answers related to probably anything that has numbers or digits attached to it. It computes the answers by utilizing the structured database on the fly.

What can one do with Wolfram|Alpha ?

With Wolfram|Alpha you can get answers to your queries that may have numbers attached to it. It can answer questions related to mathematics, economics, weather, physics, constants, currency exchange and much more topics. It also provides a user with various visualizations(charts, bars, graphs) etc along with the results.

Following are some of the usage scenario's for Wolfram|Alpha:-

1. Mathematics :-

a) example query : integrate x2*sinx

now as can be seen from this figure, it provides you with all the information you need along with the graphs of the integral function.

b) example query: 10^5 mod 35
would produce output's containing the result 5 , alternative representations etc.

these are just few of the examples, you can try your own at Wolfram|Alpha .

2) Economics :

example query: compound interest for 10000 at 5% for 3 years

b) example query: GDP growth of countries

3) Constants: The thing that i like the most about it is that it can compute the value of constants to as higher precision as one may want to. You just have to click on the more digits button and it will calculate the values to a much higher precision.

For ex: pi

4) Weather and general information:

Wolfram alpha can calculate where you are by using your ip address and then provide you the relevant information.

For example:

let's say you type "weather" then it will provide you with the weather information for your city automatically by looking at your ip address. Just take a look at the following output.

These are just few of the many possible things one can do with wolfram alpha.


the only thing that Wolfram|Alpha lacks is that it provides old data for certain queries like "gdp growth india" in this case it provides the 2005 estimate.

The fresh data acquisition is the only thing that one would want Wolfram|Alpha to work upon.

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May 18, 2009

what is a ddos attack/ping flooding attack ?

ddos attack or ping flooding attack is basically sending large and continuous ICMP (Internet control message protocol) echo packets to a target host and wait for the icmp reply message. Now what this does is, it floods the target host with large data segments and if ICMP service is not disabled by the target host then it will send the ICMP echo reply message (that's what an attacker wants to accomplish).

So if you want to try it out just use the following variation of the ping command:-

ping -t -l [buffer_size] "target_ipaddress"

The options:-

-t for repeated sending of icmp echo messages.

-l [buffer size] : the size of packet to be sent from[0 to 65500]

target_ipaddress : the host address you want to ping to

you can always stop the ping command like any other command by pressing ctrl+c (for windows) combination that kills the process.

For the attack to be more effective tell some of your friends a group of 10-20 people to join you and ping together an ip address.

For example:

ping -l 34567 -t

the output will be like the following image :-

The solution:-

If you are a server admin you would know about this issue and you would have probably solved this by now, but many counter strike or any other online game server admins don't know the cure for this.

Well the cure is very simple and for that you have to disable the icmp service for the wan interface of your modem/router. Now what this will do is, it will silently ignore the icmp echo request.

Follow these steps to disable the icmp service for the wan interface in the router/modem :-

  • Open your web browser and type the address of the default gateway configuration page(by default it is or or and then type in the user-name and password pair (by default are admin, admin or admin, password) .

  • Now, first find the management section in the configuration page, then the access control configuration page and finally the services config page (don't worry if you cannot find the exact sequence the important thing is that you must be able to find the service configuration page)

  • Uncheck the icmp service, save the changes and after saving the changes you might have to reboot the modem so reboot it. Now any ping request to your modem's wan interface will be warded off (and counter strike admins will be able to run their servers with no lag due to this attack) (Refer to the following snapshot of my modem page which is a beetel 220bx)

Note:If you have any issues do post your comments.

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May 17, 2009

This guide will be a walk through on how to use usenet.

What is Usenet ?

Usenet is basically is a worldwide distributed internet discussion system containing wealth of information. It is basically based on client server architecture. Usenet information is spread across many servers across the world or internet so there is no central entity in managing it. It was heavily dominant before the existence and being of web and still provides knowledge not easily accessible through web. It is likely that you have not heard about it because web is now dominant and usenet is an obscure entity. But usenet is still the place where you can find consummate knowledge articles.

Usenet guide

1. Installing a client:

There are many usenet clients available on the net installing a client is necessary because it lets you view the messages in newsgroup and download them from a Usenet server. As usenet is a client server based entity so installing a client is neccessary.

Following list contains a number of usenet clients you can download anyone of them:

  • Bnr2 ( Binary News Reaper) : It is a freeware and is basically tailored for reading articles from alt.binaries.* group.
  • Xnews: It is a freeware client.Xnews features a quick filter, a score file for more advanced filtering, support for multiple servers and identities, binaries handling, optional header and article caching, and folders for permanent archival.
  • Newsbin: It is not a freeware.It is used for downloading files from newsgroups. Also it automatically combines complicated multi-part binary posts to create one file.
  • Grabit: It is a freeware but it's search feature is paid. One can download the content without having to download entire headers. It boast of a feature to automatically repair and extract of downloaded binaries.
2. Getting a Usenet Server:

It is the place from where you can download the usenet content i.e the content from the newsgroups.

I mention here a site that contains a list of free Usenet servers you can go to this site and choose the server you want.It is to be noted that only the servers in white text are active at any instant of time. This site maintains and updates a list of public news servers everyday.

Visit for server list.

3. Usenet Search Engines:

This is a place where you can search for keywords across numerous newgroups and they provide nzb support. Nzb file contains details of the item to be downloaded, to make it more clear think of nzb file as a torrent and usenet client as the client that downloads that file for you.

Here's the list of usenet search engines:
This guide just provides you with basic information that you would need to get started with usenet. If you encounter any problem with client setup or any other query then post your comment.

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In this article i discuss about certain pitfalls and things to avoid while posting in Usenet groups.

The following article explains Troll, flamer,kook,cross-poster(cascades) and how to avoid them before posting.

It comes from the word that means ugly creature. What a troll basically does is that he posts messages intended to attract predictable responses and hence people should not fall for that and should not post response to their post.
the troll basically is pulling your leg by publishing boring information and vying for responses so don't fall for it or else he wins.

2) Flamer: posts abusive remarks or does personal attack on newsgroup,mailing list etc is called as flamer.

3)Cross-poster: They will try to cross post the same useless topics across different newsgroups or mailing lists vying for response.

4)Kook:The kook is characterized by paranoia and illusions of grandiosity, they will keep on posting even when they are recognized by mailing lists and newsgroups. They think whatever they say is the final word or truth (know it all types but they don't nothing :-) ) and will always pick on people smarter than them and whenever contradicted they will start calling people names,Post numerous blank posts, or posts containing only a message id .

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In this article i provide you with a presentation file that explains Advanced and basic google search operators. The most obvious question is why i need to know about them?

The answer is the following benefits that it provides:
  • The advanced search operators and basic operators reduce your search time by a large extent and if you work for an organization you would know how often you have to search for resources on the net and most of us use google search engine.
  • It also provides you with certain kinds of information you would be not able to access in a normal search query.
  • It also weeds out duplicate results and unwanted results.
That being said here's the presentation that explains those operators download it here .

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Shell servers are unix based systems that provide access to the user and user is given storage space and ability to execute commands and work on unix shell, so if you want to try out operating system like unix you can use shell servers. Also they provide a user with a text based browser like lynx to surf the internet with complete anonymity, but they generally will not let you telnet from them to another server for free (those accounts are paid).
Also if someone is working on windows and cannot install linux then he/she can work on these servers.
They also provide user a home directory but never try to get access to root files it wont be allowed or never try to use shell scripts that can get you root privilidges that wont work either.
Using them requires knowledge of linux commands.

List Of shell servers:

So if you want to see how unix works without the hassles of installing it go and create an account on one of these.

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What's a proxy server ?

What a proxy server / proxy site does is it takes request from you and forwards it to the web server you are requesting resource from. Therefore the ip address of the proxy server/site is stored in the web server and not your ip address.

So this helps in multiple ways:
  • To protect your anonymity on the internet: As already mentioned that the web server you are requesting resource from will store the address of the proxy site/server so it protects your anonymity no one but the proxy site will know that you accessed the resource.
  • To access blocked sites: This happens often in colleges and schools where the administrator may use Squid to block your access to sites like myspace, orkut. So to overcome this as you will be connecting to the proxy site and that in turn will be forwarding the request to sites like myspace etc, you will be able to access them because what administrators do is enter the site url into Squid to block it but the proxy server will not be in that list. So you are able to request view the blocked sites.
Free Proxy list:
  1. : It provides 10 proxy servers to choose from and best of all it has no annoying pop up adds.
  3. This is a fast indian proxy server (as can be seen from the domain itself).

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In this article i discuss about how to secure windows xp by closing the compromised services and also thereby increasing the speed and performance of the pc.

The following steps must be followed:

  1. Open run prompt (winkey+r).

  2. Type services.msc

  3. To disable the services right click on it then press stop button, then choose disable.

  4. You can disable the following services

  • Tcp/Ip netbios helper : It makes your system vulnerable to the most easily accomplishable netbios hack .

  • Print Spooler : It should not be disabled if you have the printer attached to your pc else it can be disabled.

  • Computer Browser : This service can be used by the attacker to browse through your computer, If it is disabled he would have to do it in a more complex way.

  • Help And Support : This is the microsoft's help and support service that you would normally not need in day to day operations so can be safely turned off.

  • Messenger: It can be turned off if you don't use the msn messenger(Most people don't).

  • Indexing : This is use to build search indexes if you do not normally search your pc a lot this should be turned off.

  • Server : This is also a vulnerability in Win-xp ,so if you normally don't share your files and etc then disable this.

  • Telnet(port 23) : Disable this service otherwise people form outside can connect to your pc and may try to harm it (Generally the pc has default admin user with no password).

  • World wide web publishing : Disable this only if you do not use the internet information server i.e IIS (most people prefer apache etc).

  • Remote Registry : Disable this as a cracker could access and change your pc's registry and then may change your password and if he is one of those with malicious intent he could prevent you from login into the system.

These services if diabled make your pc more secure and Faster and can be efficacious in preventing the most easy exploits in win-xp.

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This dem shows how to perform russian walk. Russian walk is used to walk fast without making sound and that is very important during tournaments.

People use mouse wheel binding for control , but that is not allowed in professional tournaments. Its not that difficult to master it using ctrl key itself.

Just press this sequence while walking ctrl ctrl pause(walk normally) ctrl ctrl pause ctrl ctrl.

and voila ! you have learned the russian walk. just practice though :=) .

Here is the dem download it from here or alternate link and open it using winrar and extract the dem file.

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1.SK|Spawn: He is inarguably the best player of cs1.6, he is good at every counter strike weapon awp, ak, m4a1 and he owns the best cs players, too bad he does not play anymore. Also he can play with both weapon orientation that is both right handed and left handed. Here is an ace video of his versus one of the best cs1.6 clan fnatic.

2.neo[t]: He has consummate skills of cs 1.6 and he owns the best players in this game,he is a not a good awper though but with skills that he has with ak,m4a1 he does not need to be a good awper. Here is one of his dem in which he owns both zonic and ave of mTw clan.

3.mTw.Ave : He has one of the best aims in cs 1.6 he makes it look so easy and simple that it makes you envy. Also he is quite innovative and has good application of mind in the game. He is currently with one of the best clan "mTw".Here is an ace video of his in a pistol round and also the video has very nice music.

4.Heaton: As spawn is considred best in cs 1.6 he was the best in cs1.5.He has good aim and great spray control of both ak and m4a1. Here is the video showing his skills.

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This article discusses a few things that can help your pagerank in search engines.

What not to do?
  • Don't make your site multimedia heavy i.e containing a lot of flash content, it looks attractive but search engines will not index your pages based on them, so don't use heavy flash based intros instead use more content and keywords in your site it is because search engines give very high importance to plain text and content because of their primitive nature of searching text.
  • Javascript based navigation menus: Don't use javascript based navigation menus in your site because a search bot will never be able to find other pages using that.
  • Frames:do not use frames in your website coding because search engine bots will never index your pages, they will however index frame definition document but it is rarely usefull as it does not have keyword rich content.
you can always check to see if your web pages contain frames open your webpage and select view source.If it contains code in following format then you are using frames.

<frameset rows="10%,20%,70%">
<frame source="navigation_bar.html">
<frame source="Banner.html">
<frame source="main_content.html">

  • Don't use Embedded text on images: This is because a search bot will never be able to view that embedded text, search engines want plaintext that's it no fancy image based text. You can always see that whether a site contains plaintext or image based text by selecting the text if it is a image based text it will all be selected at once.
  • Don' t use irrelevant keywords.
What you should do:

  • Use a keyword rich title that explains about site.
  • Follow it up with a description meta tag. For example if your site is based on programming language tutorials mention the languages you are going to offer tutorials about.

  • Use bold, italic text to highlight important keywords, search engines rank the text in bold higher as compared to normal text but that does not mean that you start making every text bold, highlight only the keywords that are important.
  • Use keywords that are not common this gets your site right on top in the indexes.
  • Add a Sitemap of your site to search engine sites like google,yahoo a sitemap is an xml based document that helps a search bot in navigating through urls on your website and use more Text based links as aforementioned don't use javascript based navigation menus.
  • Replace images with text remember search engines prefer text as images can be added or removed but you rarely change text.
  • Do not restructure the site as it will lead to broken links for example if someone bookmarks a page in your site and you restructure that link may become broken.
  • Use alternate text that is alt text with images that helps in browser for the blind people as it reads the text aloud.
  • Check spelling errors and remove them.
  • Use good or great keywords this matters most and have as much keywords in your site as you can.
This list is not exhaustive but very use full.

Also to view your page rank you should download the google toolbar which shows the current page rank of the page and also you should download alexa toolbar.

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This article provides in depth detail of hosting a website on your own pc
with virtually no limit of hosting space but with the requirement that you keep your pc
on at all times.

This article is divided into various sections So if you know about a section just skip it

1.Dynamic Domain Name System

2.PHP,Mysql,Apache Installation

3.Configuring Apache for Website

4.Web Publishing tools

5.Configuring modem/router

6.How to View Your Own Website

1.Dynamic Domain Name System(DDNS): What it does is simple terms is to assign a dynamic
domain name to your pc, The domain name is "Dynamic" because your Internet Service provider
provides you with a different ip address and your ip address is not static so we need a dynamic
domain name system. This site provides free dynamic domains, after registering on this site you can register for a free dynamic domain name and then download their Client DynDns Updater which will automatically update changes in your ip address with the site(

2.PHP,Mysql,Apache Installation: You can manually install each of them and the configuration part of these three can be quite tedious or you can opt for a package that does this install for you. I recommend you do the install manually but for the easy way out download Wamp its a automated installer which comes with php,mysql,apache and phpMyadmin and installs easily on your pc.

3.Configuring Apache for Website: After the installation of wamp server you would have to configure the apache server for allowing access and setting up domain.

Follow these steps:

1.Open http.conf and Find line containing Listen directive then change it to Listen *:80 if you want to allow access to everyone or Listen ipaddress:80 for listening for a specific ip range. Apache works as a Daemon that listens on port 80 by deafult and this Listen directive is used for listening to the specified ip-range

2.Then Goto The ServerName directive in httpd.conf and change it to

3.Then find the <Directory /> Directive this directive is used to control access to the specified directory which in this case is the root directory (/) you will have to change this to a more liberal access otherwise you will get the error message "you do not have rights to access /". So change the last line which by default will say "deny from all" to "allow from all" (without the quotes) or "deny from all" followed by "allow from ip-address-range".

For example if you want to allow access from copy and paste the following code replace with the actual site and replace the previous <Directory /> code.

4.The Last part is to find #online-offline tag replace the allow from to "allow from all" without the quotes.

4.Web Publishing tools: There are various tools available like cms,wordpress,wordpress mu, joomla you can use either of them in my blog i will publicsh articles regarding wordpress though cause its in gnu general public licence so its free and also there has been rampant growth in wordpress sites.Watch my blog for easy ways to handle errors and using mysql for easily updating wordpress options.

5.Configuring modem/router: This is a very important part of so configure it carefully.

The Steps are as follows

a)Open your Browser and type or then enter your username and password by default are admin , admin respectively or admin ,password.

b)Open the Advanced setup, then choose NAT and then choose virtual servers then choose add type webserver as application name choose port number= 80 then assign the server ip address as your local lan ip address i.e of the form make sure that this ip is static by this i mean that dhcp should be disabled.

c)In your network settings in windows xp goto control panel, switch to classical view and then choose network connections,choose local area connection then choose properties then from items select tcp/ip and press properties button switch from obtain ip address automatically to use following ip address then type the following

ipaddress= subnetmask= default gateway= the first ip address in a range)

then assign the domain name server (dns server) addresses as provied by your isp. this is it you have set up the webserver .

6.How to View Your Own Website: The thing is to view your website now you will have to connect through a proxy site as your modem will not forward requests from inside of your pc to port 80 This is because Nat is configured for traffic from the outside interface of the router.So to view your site go to a proxy site Like and type your site url to view your site.

Thats it :-)

Do comment if the post was usefull.

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Changing of MAC/Physical address is salutary for following purposes:

  1. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does mac binding with your id (Almost all do).
    So in case your old modem/router is no longer usable and If you want to use a new modem then it
    will result in authentication failure.

  2. For "MAC Spoofing" : That is showing you have a different address to what you actually have.

The Steps are:

1.Telnet to your modem/router i.e
  • Go to Command prompt and type telnet
  • Enter your user name and press enter and then the password.

2. A menu will be displayed then type sh a # prompt appears .This lets you into the shell of your router/modem

3.Now to change your ethernet Interface's address you will have to first shut it down so for that
to happen you would have to connect through your usb interface .

4. To View what interfaces are available type ifconfig

5. Assuming that you want to change eth0 interface, type the following sequence of steps :

  • ifconfig eth0 down
  • ifconfig eth0 hw ether <your mac address>

For example: ifconfig eth0 hw ether 02:10:18:01:00:01
  • ifconfig eth0 up

6. That should do it type Ifconfig eth0 to view the change to eth0 Interface.

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May 16, 2009

Just follow these steps:-

  1. Create a new Folder.
  2. Choose the rename option and press "alt+255 " .
  3. Then right click the folder option go to properties-> customize-> change icon and choose none.
  4. ... and u have a invisible folder.
  5. You can select it by dragging mouse while holding down the right click and store anything and no one will ever be able to see it. (See the example snapshot below)

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May 5, 2009

Problem: You are getting blank lines between your content and the table ?

Solution: This scenario happens because your blog editor will add the <br> tags at the end of each line in your html code. The editor adds the tags because the blog editor is set to convert line breaks.
To get rid off this error, just copy the html code into a text editor like notepad and write the code in one line (Disable the word wrap feature), now as the code is all written in one line the editor will not add those extra break tags.

How to add html tables in posts ?

There are a number of ways you can go about it, they are as listed below:-
  1. Manually coding the Html in a text editor:- This is a way i would not recommend as it takes up lot of time to type the code and also it is not possible to remember all the options of html tags.

  2. Using an html editor:- This alternative is the one you should prefer because it reduces the time to type the code and also provides easy preview of how the code is going to appear in your blog. I use " Dream weaver " for coding the html part, it just helps in making coding easier and faster. The only thing's that you need to remember are the basic tags of html.

    The basic tags that you must know are as follows, the general properties of the tags that are used can be added with the help of an editor and are explained after the basic tags :-

    Basic Tags:

    1.<tr>: It creates a new row

    2.<td>: It creates a new column

    3.<tbody>: The body of the table

    The properties:

    1. For the <table> tag :-

    a) bgcolor="color hexadecimal value" : The background color of the table

    b) border=0|1 : If set to 1 displays the table border else the border is not shown

    c) align=center|left|right: It aligns the table in the direction specified

    d) cellpadding= value in pixels: This specifies the space between the cell boundary and the cell content

    e) cellspacing= value in pixels: the space between the cells.

    2. For the <td> and <tr> tags:

    a) bgcolor="color hexadecimal value" : The background color of the column or row

    b) align=center|left|right|justify: It aligns the column or row in the direction specified

    sample code and table is shown below, make sure that when you paste or modify the code, all of it is written in one line because here i have written the code in separate lines so that it is more readable:

    The code:-

    <table border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" bgcolor="#3366FF">
    <td align="left" > </td> <td align="left"> Customer name </td>
    <td align="left">1</td> <td align="left"> abcd</td>
    <td align="left">2</td> <td align="left">xyz</td>

    The table:- Customer name
    1 abcd

  3. Use the automated table generators :- This is the fastest way but you end up learning nothing. The dream weaver CS3 that i use provides the facility to generate custom tables and all the other html editors also provide this facility.

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May 4, 2009

Why manage them?

Well, the reason is quite obvious the more the number of processes at start-up more will be the start-up time of windows and in addition to that these processes will consume precious resources like the main memory and cpu. So it is always a wise idea to remove the extra processes from running at the start-up.

How to manage them?

To manage the start-up processes you can follow either of the following two ways :-

1. Manual way or
2. By using a tool

It does not matter which way you go about, but the 2nd way is always faster.

Before i proceed you should take a look at the post which mentions the services that must be turned off or disabled for a secure and faster windows xp [link] .

1. Manual way :-
  • Open windows run prompt: start menu -> run or windows key+r

  • Type msconfig and when a the configuration window opens, deselect all the unnecessary program's from the start up tab and also deselect the extra services from the services tab and press apply, when asked whether you want to reboot, skip it.

  • Now open the run prompt again and type regedit

  • Navigate to the registry hive "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" and from the right window pane delete the keys of unnecessary processes .

  • Navigate to the registry hive "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" and delete the keys of unwanted processes .

  • Also as explained in the link given above, turn off /disable the services by using the services console.

2. By using the tool:-

  • Download Startup Control panel by "Mike Lyn" [link]

  • The tool provides an easy interface for deleting the registry keys or disabling the unwanted processes from running at start-up and you can also recover the deleted keys . It provides many different tabs for removing the start-up entries. The snapshot of the tool is shown below:-

  • But even after this you should disable the other services by using the services console. For more information on how to open the services console and which services to turn off, refer to this post [link] (this post mentions only the standard windows services to turn off use the similar method to turn off other processes) .

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To manually kill a process that you believe is a spyware and is causing high cpu usage, firstly make sure that the process actually is a spyware, this can be done by using the tasklist command with /SVC switch. So first execute the following command:

Tasklist /SVC

The output will be like the following:-

Note: for more information about what these options mean type Tasklist /?

Now if you see in the output a malicious process then to kill it and remove it follow 3 simple steps:-

  • Note its process id ie the PID in the output of Tasklist /SVC command.

  • Then Use the Taskkill command "Taskkill /PID xxx /F" (without quotes and replace the xxx with the process id of the process you want to kill). The output should signal a success message like the following image shows successful termination of a process.

  • Run a scan with any anitvirus (prefer Bitdefender) and anti-malware (prefer Malware-Bytes), they will remove the malware.

Note: To kill a process that has hanged or is stuck repeat the aforementioned steps except the step where you have to do virus and malware scan .

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May 2, 2009

Should you add flash content to your site?

You should add flash content because it makes your web pages more livelier and flash content helps in grabbing site visitor's attention.However, you should not add flash content because search engines don't index any flash content and that is bad for your site's page rank in google. Read more [Link] . The choice is yours.

How to add flash content to blogger/blogspot site?

  • Create your flash content in adobe flash or any other automated menu or button generator.

  • Copy the code(The code containing the object and embed tags after the content has been generated) into the html editor of the post. The code looks like the following :-

  • <object id="blink-block" width="150" height="27"
    <param name="movie" value="blah.swf" />
    <param name="quality" value="high" />
    <param name="scale" value="noscale"/>
    <param name="bgcolor" value="#000000" /><param name="wmode" value="transparent" /><embed name="blink-block" src="blah.swf" quality="high" scale="noscale"
    bgcolor="#000000" wmode="transparent" width="150" height="27"
    type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" />

  • As blogger does not provide you with file hosting space and you have to save your shock- wave file object (.swf) somewhere, you can use google pages [link] (no new sign ups are allowed) that provides you 100 mb space for uploading the files or you may use any other hosting service. This is the different step when it comes to displaying a flash content on your site or the blogger platform .

  • Now in the embed tag replace the src property value with the link where you have uploaded the flash object(.swf). For example: if it was earlier <embed src="abc.swf"> and you have uploaded it to then you should change the src the tag to <
    embed src="">

  • That's it, now the flash content can be seen in your blogger site. I have added a simple button below .

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