The installation is very easy just follow these steps:-

  1. Installing Wine :- the wine package helps run windows executables on linux like systems. You can get any package with ease by using a single command or you can use synaptic package manager. I'll explain the procedure by using the command line (it's very easy).

    • Open the terminal :- Go to Applications->Accessories->Terminal

    • Then type the following command :-

      sudo apt-get install wine

      Then you will be asked for your password , enter it and press y when asked whether you want to install the package or not

    • Then type exit at the prompt to exit the terminal.

  2. Installing uTorrent : Download the uTorrent package for windows-xp and after it is downloaded, right click on it and choose open with "wine windows program loader" and after that you can choose the location of install (let it be default) , this will complete the installation of uTorrent.

  3. Launch the program : Now you can run the uTorrent program on ubuntu.

Note: If you have a dual boot os (windows-xp+ubuntu) then you should download torrent files using ubuntu which i feel utilises the maximum bandwidth available to you. Also if you receive a virus instead of the original intended file you will have no risk of it affecting your pc as linux based systems are generally virus safe and you can then transfer it to windows -xp by mounting it's partition on ubuntu.