Safari 4 : "The fastest web browser"

The one thing that you expect from apple when they launch a new product is the "design and functionality" of the product and the safari 4 web browser is just one example of how much attention software developers at apple pay to it.

The safari 4 browser is the fastest browser as endorsed by apple. It has incorporated newest features that are yet to be found in other web browsers, which makes Safari 4 special. The features that really stand out are as mentioned below:-

  • "Cover Flow" history feature: The browser provides a cover flow history feature by which you can actually see the web pages that you visited in a cover flow view, so that you can recognize the page you want to visit again. This feature stands out of the lot as by using this feature it becomes much easier to visit a web site that you visited in the past because it is easier to visually remember the web site rather than remembering the url you visit.

  • The Revamped History search feature: We know that all browsers provide url based search feature that you can use to find the web site you visited but the only concern is that "it is difficult" to remember the url of the web page you visited. So to overcome this drawback Safari 4 employs a search strategy by which one can search "inside the content" of the page that you visited which can be coupled with the " Cover flow " feature to give tremendous results. As can be seen from the following snapshot the browser's history search feature, the search is also done in the content of the page also.

  • The browser also provides advanced caching scheme of the most visited web pages, which makes them load much faster. The most visited web pages are represented in a nice, well laid out, panoramic view.
  • Lightning fast speed: It gives you lightning fast speed compared to other browsers as the page load time is drastically reduced in safari-4. It has the so called "Nitro Java script Engine" that enhances speeds for the javascript based sites. I have tweaked my mozilla firefox for best performance and yet it comes nowhere near to the performance offered by it.

Following is the video of Craig Federighi showing of the aforementioned features of Safari 4 :-

So go ahead and download the safari browser for yourself and feel the difference in browsing experience.