The dynamic dns service can be used by any person with a non-static ip address to host a website on pc. Non- static ip address means that a person who is using services of an isp and so generally every time he resets his router or modem a new ip address is assigned, so the binding of a domain name to the ip address just cannot happen. The dynamic dns service can be used for this purpose to bind the non-static ip-address to a domain name by constantly updating the ip-address with the domain name provider thus a normal user can host his/her website on pc.

To get the dynamic-dns service up and running for no cost, follow these steps:-
  • Register yourself at this site:

  • Get a free or paid dynamic domain name registered with the site.

  • Download and install the tool dynamic dns updater from this link.

  • Launch the tool and open the groups tab, then click on the add button, choose a name for the group, enter the user-name and password for the account that you had earlier established with the site ( and finally click on the download button.

  • After clicking on the download button it will download the details of the domains that have been registered for that user account after which it will update the domain name with your ip-address.

  • If you want to host your website on your own pc and want complete configuration for it then check the following link, where i have explained all the topics like configuring modem, apache, php, etc on your pc.

    Host Website on Pc