In case you change the password for root account using phpMyAdmin and then try to login into mysql database using phpmyadmin you will receive a log in error and you won't be able to login, this happens because phpmyadmin has no way of knowing what's the root password that you have set.

The phpmyadmin uses it's file for storing mysql user related information and that is where you should enter the root password so that on next log in it can successfully log in to the mysql database.

The solutions to update the password are explained below:-

  1. For Wamp Server:- If you have installed wamp server then follow these instructions
    • Open the apps directory under the directory of wamp server. i.e /wamp/apps
    • Now open the phpmyadmin directory and then open the file
    • Navigate to the line that says "$cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] = 'xxxx '" and replace the xxxx with the password for the root user and save changes.
    • Now log into the mysql database using phpmyadmin and your login will be successful

  2. For Standalone installation:- In case you have installed phpmyadmin as a standalone version then just navigate to the directory of phpmyadmin and then you can follow the aforementioned solution steps.