GG client or garena client is a gaming client for various games.

Important Features:-

  1. ***** It lists local servers near your location irrespective of the ISP you are using. So it helps in easy detection of low ping servers. This feature is accessible through garena fire.
  2. You can join online gaming rooms for the game that you are using.
  3. You can play ladder for the game . (basically you have to play well and rise through the ladder)
  4. You can watch live matches through garena Tv (It's better to watch matches through HLTV for Counter strike )

How to configure GG or Garena Client :-

  1. Download and install garena or gg client from the following link.
  2. Register with garena (registration is free) and after registration, log in with your username and password.

  3. Choose the "Settings" tab from the top menubar. In the settings menu choose "Game setings" and then expand the lan games and click on "counter strike 1.6".
  4. Now, click on browse button and choose a directory where hl.exe is installed i.e the installation game folder for cs1.6
  5. Then you must enter the following parameters in the game bootstrap parameters (i.e game launch options)
  6. -game cstrike -sv_lan 0 -noipx

    image here
  7. The last step ensures that you do not suffer from the connectivity error problems with the servers.
  8. Now open the garena fire tab from the left sidebar and choose counter strike 1.6.
  9. Now Choose a region like asia, africa whichever is close to your location and double click on any room to join that room.
  10. The last step is to click on garena fire tab as shown in the following figure and press search servers this will list all the servers near your location. You can set the ping limit of the servers to search. After the search is over you can double click on any server that has vacant slots and the game will be launched and you will be connected to the game server (refer to the following figure).

image here

***Note : In case you cannot connect to the server because of ipx error then you will have to exit the game and reconnect to the server through garena.