In this tutorial i will be explaining about following two things

1) Creating your own spray paint image.
2) Converting images to counter strike sprays.

1) Creating your own spray paint image : for this follow these steps
  • open a simple paint program, i am using microsoft paint for this example.
  • paint your own image and then there are following 2 options available to you.
  1. Transparent Background: If you want your images to have a transparent background then in microsoft paint or any other paint program set its background to blue.
  2. Normal background: This is rarely the case that you would want to have because it displays a big background to your image that looks cheap.
  • Now that you have created your image save it as .bmp extension for clarity and then proceed to second step.
2) Converting images to counter strike sprays : for this follow these steps
  • Download decal converter from here and extract the rar archive file.
  • Open the folder decal converter and then open decal converter.
  • Now you will have to set the path in decal converter where you have installed your counter strike. For this go to the options menu and select "half life Games folders" option then choose browse and find your cs installation, check the "default game for decals " option and then press OK.
  • Now go to the file menu and select "open picture option" then choose the image for which you want to make the spray.
  • The decal converter will automatically re size the image. You have the option of resizing image by increasing the height or the width of the image but since the maximum number of pixels allowed is limited you would have to decrease the width or height correspondingly.
  • Now go to the "decal" menu and choose "makedecal" option, Then the decal file will be created in the game directory as "pldecal.wad".
  • Now delete the old "tempdecal.wad" and "custom.hpk" files and rename the pldecal.wad to tempdecal.wad and make it read only.
  • Now you are done, go in game and start spraying :)
Note: if your spray is not working go to the game directory and delete the custom.hpk file again (that sick file will keep on reappearing :( )