This tutorial provides you with tips on how to get a consistent 100fps or round about that.

  • a graphics card external but it maybe the case that an on-board card would suffice.I use nvidia geforce 5200fx 8x agp(accelerated graphics port) slot card. It is pretty cheap and old technology as now pc's come with the pci express slot.
  • a dsl connection >256 kbits/sec: I am pretty sure people would have that much by now.
Settings :

  1. Graphics card Setting:
  • I am displaying with examples of nvidia display driver you should have similar options in ati cards or any other gfx card.
  • Ok so first step is to open nvidia control panel from nvidia icon in taskbar by right clicking on it and choosing nvidia control panel. You can do the same by going to control panel and opening it from there.
  • Now Choose "3d settings" option from the nvidia control panel. After that choose "adjust image settings with preview" don't worry if you don't find that option the important point is you have to edit 3d settings.
  • Then choose "use advanced 3d settings " and click on take me there as shown in figure.
  • Choose Global Settings tab and then choose texture filtering option and select high performance from drop down list as shown in the figure below. This option is most important as it will cause sharp rise in your fps.
  • Now choose Vertical sync option and select force off ,Also turn the anisotropic filtering to application controlled (as it is not allowed to be turned off in tournaments) and anti aliasing to off. One more thing if your graphics card is dual display card then choose hardware acceleration to single display performance mode. Apply these settings and move to game configuration part.
2. Configuring Counter Strike/CS1.6 :
  1. Configuring start up options and launch parameters:
  • Right click on the shortcut to your game and select properties then in the target field append the parameters -noipx -sv_lan 0 +heapsize 250000 +sys_ticrate 1000. For example "C:\Counter-Strike 1.6 + Half-Life\hl.exe" -game cstrike -noipx -sv_lan 0 +heapsize 250000 +sys_ticrate 1000" and in case of steam append it after the -applaunch 10 parameter.
  • Now launch the game and open the console by pressing '`' character and type fps_max 101 and after that r_decals 300 , rate 25000 , cl_updaterate 101 ,cl_cmdrate 101 . because they must match your fps rate for better registry.
  • Now go to video options and select open gl mode with resolution of your choice, i personally use 800*600 resolution.

That's it you should get 100 fps (hovering around 99-100). Do post your comments in case you find this post helpful or encounter any problem .

After CS 1.6 update some users might experience green screen issue and game would not be playable so put the following parameters in launch options  and you will get more than 100 fps

-gl -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -nofbo -nomsaa

---Update 2

For disabling vertical sync in-game type the following command.
gl_vsync 0

If you do not use the above command or disable vertical sync in game you might not get 100 fps.

---Update 3
You can get more than 100 fps in cs now. Just type fps_max , for ex fps_max 500 and then type fps_override 1

You can also enable low video quality option to get 100 or more fps on other machines easily.

Enjoy :-)