There are a few steps that you have to follow before you can create a dedicated server (Hlds) for counter strike 1.6

The steps are :-

1. Configuring the router/modem: Follow these steps:-
  • Open any web browser and in the address bar type or or , whichever provides you with advanced configuration menu.
  • After this a pop-up will ask you about the user name and password. The default user name and password pair's are admin, admin or admin, password, enter other values if you have modified the default settings.
  • Then choose advanced setup-> Nat -> Virtual servers (don't worry if you cannot find the exact sequence, what really matters is that you must be able to find the virtual servers option)
  • Now, choose add a virtual server and repeat the following steps for opening the ports shown in the table.

    a) Type the service name as shown in the table
    b) Type start port as start port shown in the table
    c) Type end port as port shown in the table
    d) Choose the protocol as shown in the table
    e) Type as server ip
    f) Press add server button.
  • Server name Start port End Port Protocol
    Half life 6003 6003 TCP and UDP
    Half life 7001 7001 TCP and UDP
    Half life 27005 27005UDP
    Half life 27010 27015 UDP
    Half life Server 27015 27015 UDP
    Half life Server 27016 27016 UDP
    After these steps the virtual server configuration of the modem should look like the following figure.
  • This finishes the modem's setup. Just note the DNS (Domain Name server) ip in the modem's wan info page, it will be used later.
2. Configuring the Local area Connection :-

  • Open the control panel and switch to classic view.
  • Then open network connections.
  • Right click on the Local area Connection and choose properties.
  • Then scroll down and select The Internet protocol( Tcp/Ip) option and click on properties button (refer to the following figure).
  • Choose the "use following ip address" radio button and enter the following:-
    a) Ip address:
    b) Subnet mask:
    c) Default gateway:
    d) Preffered DNS server: Enter the address that you noted in at the end of step 1

3) Adding the exception to windows firewall: The last step is to add the exception in the windows firewall for the hlds server.

That's it you are done . Do post comments in case you encounter any problem