If you want to verify your blogger site on msn follow these simple steps:-
  • Go to the msn site

  • Then do not directly submit your site url, first visit the link at bottom that says webmasters (as shown in figure below). I could have provided you this link directly but i did not because most of the users end up entering their site at the first link and that gives them no control over the site information.

  • Then the page will have a button that says "sign in to use the tools" press this button and then login with your userid and password. you will be redirected to webmasters tool and then there will be a button that says "add a site", click on it.

  • Then fill up the form as follows:-
  1. Enter the web site address. For example if you have your site address as http://abc.blogspot.com then enter only abc.blogspot.com. Note: this is the place where people generally mess up the url and in previous example may end up entering www.abc.blogspot.com. it is to be noted that your blog address does not have a www prefix so do not enter the www prefix.

  2. Now submit a sitemap link as yoursite.blogspot.com/atom.xml . Here replace yoursite.blogspot.com with your blog address. After this enter the email address that you want to use as contact information and then press submit.

  • After the last step you would be redirected to authentication part. Now scroll down to see meta tag verification, copy the meta tag and then proceed to the next step.

  • Adding meta tag in your blogger site : Login to your blogger account and then Go to the Layout option after that click on the Edit Html tab and then in the edit template section paste the meta below the code fragment as shown below. Make sure that you append the closing tag if it is missing. for example if tag is like this <meta name="xyz" content="ahshshhsh" > then change it to <meta name="xyz" content="ahshshhsh" />

  • <head>
    <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

  • Click the save template button and then login back to the webmasters tool in msn and click on the site after which it will be authenticated.