1.SK|Spawn: He is inarguably the best player of cs1.6, he is good at every counter strike weapon awp, ak, m4a1 and he owns the best cs players, too bad he does not play anymore. Also he can play with both weapon orientation that is both right handed and left handed. Here is an ace video of his versus one of the best cs1.6 clan fnatic.

2.neo[t]: He has consummate skills of cs 1.6 and he owns the best players in this game,he is a not a good awper though but with skills that he has with ak,m4a1 he does not need to be a good awper. Here is one of his dem in which he owns both zonic and ave of mTw clan.

3.mTw.Ave : He has one of the best aims in cs 1.6 he makes it look so easy and simple that it makes you envy. Also he is quite innovative and has good application of mind in the game. He is currently with one of the best clan "mTw".Here is an ace video of his in a pistol round and also the video has very nice music.

4.Heaton: As spawn is considred best in cs 1.6 he was the best in cs1.5.He has good aim and great spray control of both ak and m4a1. Here is the video showing his skills.