What's a proxy server ?

What a proxy server / proxy site does is it takes request from you and forwards it to the web server you are requesting resource from. Therefore the ip address of the proxy server/site is stored in the web server and not your ip address.

So this helps in multiple ways:
  • To protect your anonymity on the internet: As already mentioned that the web server you are requesting resource from will store the address of the proxy site/server so it protects your anonymity no one but the proxy site will know that you accessed the resource.
  • To access blocked sites: This happens often in colleges and schools where the administrator may use Squid to block your access to sites like myspace, orkut. So to overcome this as you will be connecting to the proxy site and that in turn will be forwarding the request to sites like myspace etc, you will be able to access them because what administrators do is enter the site url into Squid to block it but the proxy server will not be in that list. So you are able to request view the blocked sites.
Free Proxy list:
  1. http://www.web4proxy.com : It provides 10 proxy servers to choose from and best of all it has no annoying pop up adds.
  2. http://www.mathtunnel.com
  3. http://www.proxy.gen.in: This is a fast indian proxy server (as can be seen from the domain itself).
  4. http://www.vtunnel.com
  5. http://www.ninjacloak.com
  6. http://www.aplusproxy.com
  7. http://www.safehazard.com
  8. http://www.safelizard.com