This article discusses a few things that can help your pagerank in search engines.

What not to do?
  • Don't make your site multimedia heavy i.e containing a lot of flash content, it looks attractive but search engines will not index your pages based on them, so don't use heavy flash based intros instead use more content and keywords in your site it is because search engines give very high importance to plain text and content because of their primitive nature of searching text.
  • Javascript based navigation menus: Don't use javascript based navigation menus in your site because a search bot will never be able to find other pages using that.
  • Frames:do not use frames in your website coding because search engine bots will never index your pages, they will however index frame definition document but it is rarely usefull as it does not have keyword rich content.
you can always check to see if your web pages contain frames open your webpage and select view source.If it contains code in following format then you are using frames.

<frameset rows="10%,20%,70%">
<frame source="navigation_bar.html">
<frame source="Banner.html">
<frame source="main_content.html">

  • Don't use Embedded text on images: This is because a search bot will never be able to view that embedded text, search engines want plaintext that's it no fancy image based text. You can always see that whether a site contains plaintext or image based text by selecting the text if it is a image based text it will all be selected at once.
  • Don' t use irrelevant keywords.
What you should do:

  • Use a keyword rich title that explains about site.
  • Follow it up with a description meta tag. For example if your site is based on programming language tutorials mention the languages you are going to offer tutorials about.

  • Use bold, italic text to highlight important keywords, search engines rank the text in bold higher as compared to normal text but that does not mean that you start making every text bold, highlight only the keywords that are important.
  • Use keywords that are not common this gets your site right on top in the indexes.
  • Add a Sitemap of your site to search engine sites like google,yahoo a sitemap is an xml based document that helps a search bot in navigating through urls on your website and use more Text based links as aforementioned don't use javascript based navigation menus.
  • Replace images with text remember search engines prefer text as images can be added or removed but you rarely change text.
  • Do not restructure the site as it will lead to broken links for example if someone bookmarks a page in your site and you restructure that link may become broken.
  • Use alternate text that is alt text with images that helps in browser for the blind people as it reads the text aloud.
  • Check spelling errors and remove them.
  • Use good or great keywords this matters most and have as much keywords in your site as you can.
This list is not exhaustive but very use full.

Also to view your page rank you should download the google toolbar which shows the current page rank of the page and also you should download alexa toolbar.