In this article i discuss about certain pitfalls and things to avoid while posting in Usenet groups.

The following article explains Troll, flamer,kook,cross-poster(cascades) and how to avoid them before posting.

It comes from the word that means ugly creature. What a troll basically does is that he posts messages intended to attract predictable responses and hence people should not fall for that and should not post response to their post.
the troll basically is pulling your leg by publishing boring information and vying for responses so don't fall for it or else he wins.

2) Flamer: posts abusive remarks or does personal attack on newsgroup,mailing list etc is called as flamer.

3)Cross-poster: They will try to cross post the same useless topics across different newsgroups or mailing lists vying for response.

4)Kook:The kook is characterized by paranoia and illusions of grandiosity, they will keep on posting even when they are recognized by mailing lists and newsgroups. They think whatever they say is the final word or truth (know it all types but they don't nothing :-) ) and will always pick on people smarter than them and whenever contradicted they will start calling people names,Post numerous blank posts, or posts containing only a message id .