What is dmoz?

It's the largest open directory project where you can add your site for free.It takes 2 months for them to accept your request and the inclusion is not guaranteed but still you would want to give it a try to increase visits to your site and to increase your site's visibility.

How to add to the dmoz directory ?

Just follow these steps:
  • First visit dmoz.org

  • Then select the appropriate category in which you want your blog to be listed. for example if you have a search engine optimization blog you would want to add it in "Computers/Internet/Searching/Search_Engines" category.

  • Selecting the category is most important part as if you pick a wrong category then your site will not be included in the dmoz directory.

  • After finalizing the category, type this url in your browser "http://www.dmoz.org/cgi-bin/add.cgi?where=your complete category". Here replace "your complete category" with the category that you want to add your site to. For example lets say that you picked "Computers/Internet/Searching/Search_Engines" category then type "http://www.dmoz.org/cgi-bin/add.cgi?where=Computers/Internet/Searching/Search_Engines" in your browser navigation bar.

  • After the last step you will be displayed a form. Just fill in the details and submit your site for inclusion in the dmoz directory.
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