The thing that i like about x-fire and the distinguishing feature from other game clients is that you can download free games and demos of almost every game at one place, so you have the ability to try out the game before buying the original or maybe downloading the pirated one :-)

Features :-
  • Ability to download both free games and demos of other games.

  • Automatic detection of installed games.

  • In game Screen shot taking ability (Scroll lock+ s).

  • In game Video Capture utility(Scroll lock+v) .

  • You can also upload the captured video directly to your profile page.

  • Standard features like chat, adding friends, joining the game your friend is playing.

  • Downloading game updates automatically.

Just follow these steps to install and run Xfire :-
  • Download the client from here

  • Run the setup and then register with Xfire.

  • Then login and the client will detect all the games that are installed automatically.

  • Then you can go into the tools -> options menu and select a game and change its start up parameters or to install a game that is not detected, just pick a game from the not installed list and choose manual install (as shown in the figure below).

    Xfire image

  • You can also choose find servers to detect the online servers for your game.
That's it Enjoy gaming :-)