This is a collection of premium wordpress themes. The themes are designed by woo themes and certain themes are not paid but are nice so i included them here.The list of themes is as follows :

Woo Themes:
  • ambience-dev
  • flashnews-dev
  • freshfolio-dev
  • freshnews-dev
  • gazette-dev
  • gothamnews-dev
  • livewire-dev
  • newspress-dev
  • openair-dev
  • overeasy-dev
  • papercut-dev
  • premiumnews-dev
  • proudfolio-dev
  • thick-dev
  • vibrantcms-dev
  • Aspire
  • Gridlock
  • Leia-En
  • GothamNights
I personally prefer to use freshnews it has got just the right mix of colors. You would have to slightly modify the style sheets of themes before they can be applied to your wordpress blog/site.

Download themes from here.