In this tutorial i would be telling you about how can you increase the page rank of your web page.

Basic Concepts:

a) Historical part :-

It is named page rank can you think why?

Many people would think it is named so because google ranks the web page according to this criteria so the word page rank should have been derived from this. Well those of you that think that aforementioned reasoning was correct then you are wrong because the name page rank comes from the founder of google "larry page" because he was the one who presented the first paper on how the page should be ranked. lol xD .

** b) What it is ?

The page rank is the criteria google or any other search engine will use to determine how important your web page is. Note that i have mentioned the word web page and not website.

The page rank is determined by the formula:-

PR (XYZ) = (1 – d) + d (PR (t1) / C (t1) + ... + PR (tn) / C (tn))

PR = PageRank
XYZ= Web page XYZ
d = A damping factor, usually set to 0.85 = Pages linking to Web page A
C = The number of outbound links from page tn

Don't get into the details all that matters is you see what the formula intends to calculate and how.

See the part t1 t2 ... tn those are the pages that link to your site and it can be clearly seen that your page rank gets clearly affected by the number of pages that point to your page. It can be clearly seen that :-
"more the number of links pointing to your site better will be your page rank"

and also the number of out bound links from your page should be minimum as it decreases your page rank.

**** There is one more point to be considered as can be seen from the formula, the pages that point to your site must have high page ranks too.

How To Increase Page rank ?

Well now the big question is "how can you increase your page rank ?"

**Firstly, you can start by adding your site to primary search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc. then you should add your site to directories and if you have a blog then you should also add your blog to blog directories. I will be writing a blog on which site's you should add your site as a follow up to this post.

** Now the other thing you must do is post your page link in highly active forums of usenet, google groups and other forums. It is to be noted that you simply cannot add your link to the forums or groups as they will allow the link to be added only if you post a relevant solution to the problem being discussed.

**** One important thing is:-

"if you have a page that ranks very high then you should link that page to other pages on your site/blog"

Note: You should also see my post on what things not to do if you want your site to be listed on search engines and want higher page rank. Here's the link .

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