What is Subst Utility ?

This is a rarely known command line utility that can make a folder to appear as a Drive in windows xp. The Subst utility performs a task that you can’t perform within the Windows GUI i.e it is only a command line utility.

What's the use ?

It is very useful in case you access a directory a lot that is very deep in hierarchy and you have to make your way through a lot of directories. In that case you can just use this utility to make a folder appear like a directory.

How to use it ?

First you would have to open the command prompt.

The syntax of using the command is very simple It is mentioned and explained below:

Usage: SUBST [drive1: [drive2:]path]
For deleting :SUBST drive1: /D

drive1 : The name you want to give to the drive which will be containing the directory.
drive2 : The drive in which the directory is currently stored.
path: The path to the directory.
/D: It deletes the virtual directory.

For example: Let's say you want to make C:\books appear as a separate drive in windows explorer with the drive letter as b for this you would type the following command :-

Subst b: C:\books


Note: Windows xp provides help for this command just type Subst /? for viewing help.