Awp is the most powerful weapon in Counter Strike 1.6 and a good sniper can wreak havoc for the opposite team that being said it is also very difficult to use and ofcourse you need to be good at secondary weapon like deagle. In the following tutorial i will be explaining about certain commands that will help you while using it followed then by a video made by an experienced awp player 1 nkz.

The commands:

1. zoom_sensitivity_ratio: Its the sensitivity of the awp when scope of awp is opened.The default value is 1.0 and mostly cs versions now have 1.2 as default but players with high sensitivity of mouse should lower this value to .77 or lower depending upon how high their mouse sensitivity is. Now this helps in good registry of shots for players that have higher mouse sensitivity . If you feel that you have messed it all up you can always revert it to default using the revert command i.e revert zoom_sensitivity_ratio .

2. hud_centerid : When set to 1, what this command does is that it displays the player name by your crosshair and hence you can react faster and shoot even unzoomed, sometimes without even seeing his body default value is 0 which is not recommended because it slows your reaction time. So use hud_centerid 1 .

The Video:

This video shows awp techniques especially very important awp technique that is quick scoping, practice it hard its very effective in long range and lethal in short range. The map is nice and name of the map is aim_sk_awp there are other variants of the map for other weapons download them and practice on them they will certainly improve your aim.