In this tutorial, i will be explaining about how to verify your blogger site in google.
I presume the most obvious question is :-

why you should verify your site ?

The reason is that verifying your site gets you many extra features like the


You can view:

  • Query stats about your site
  • Crawl stats about your

  • Page analysis of your site
  • URLs from your site we were unable to crawl, and why we couldn't crawl

These are important for your analysis of what kind of visitors come to your site and through

what search keywords. One could argue that similar functionality is provided by the google analytics tool. But still it

does not provide you all the features.

How to verify your site?

There are a couple of ways for verifying blogger only for google but this technique is generic and can be used for other

search engines as well.

Verify by adding Meta tag:

Follow these steps :-
  • Go to Google Webmaster


  • Then click on the verify link corresponding to the site you want to verify.

  • Then select the Verification method as add meta tag and then copy the text from the field.

  • Then open a new tab and Login to the blogger account and choose Layout option->Edit HTML.

  • Then paste the code immediately after the head tag code as shown below (Tip :use ctrl-f to find the code).
  • <head>
    <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

  • And then goto the webmaster tool window and press verify. Your site will be verified immediately.

this solves your problem. In case that you encounter error do post it .