Prior to discussing server rates there is one thing of more importance , the thing is that when you play on amx_mod enabled servers you should reset your rates after playing on them because almost all of the servers have oaf admins that will unnecessarily mess up your client rates which will cause both lag and choke. I personally hate amx_mod for it causes lag by consuming resources and coupled with the admins messing up rates makes me frown.

How to set the rates (For dummies)?
Just press the ` character which opens up the console and then type the commands mentioned in the next sub section.

The following rates must be set for choke and loss free gameplay

  • cl_cmdrate : Ideally it should be set to the same rate as the fps you are getting. Fps in this case stands for (frames per second). you can always check the fps you are getting by typing the command net_graph 3 (you can use the value as 1 or 2 but 3 provides minimal display). So In case you are getting 60 fps type cl_cmdrate 60 and in case you are getting 100 fps type cl_cmdrate 101.The default value is cl_cmdrate 30.

  • cl_updaterate : Just like the command rate it should be set to the fps you are for ex if you get 60 fps then type cl_updaterate 66 in console.

  • r_decals : This consumes your resources and some versions of non steam cs come with the default value of 4096 trust me reduce this value to 300 and it will reduce your lag considerably. Type r_decals 300 in console.

  • ** rate : It is the most important parameter this if set improperly will cause choke of 100 and loss of about 40. Set this to 25000 default value or 20000 anything below this value or greater than 25000 will cause choke and loss and hence lag. Type rate 25000 in console.

  • ex_interp : ex_interp should be equal to 1/updaterate. So for example if you have cl_updaterate 101 then you should set ex_interp .01 . Type ex_interp 0.01 in console or any other value depending upon your cl_updaterate value. Note: if you have low ping then set ex_interp 0.1 (that will help in your shots being fired earlier than your opponent's).

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