Here is a list of 10 cool addons for firefox

  1. Personas: This addon provides cool skins that can be changed at a click of the buttton. This is recommended for users that get bored from using the same skin and waste time downloading themes.

  2. Adblock plus and its add filters : Annoyed of advertisement content on torrent or other sites, well you don't have to watch those advertisements anymore. Once Adblock plus has been installed along with it's add filter subscription then advertisements are history. It basically prevents the advertisment images from loading.

  3. GreaseMonkey: It is a useful addon that can be used to develop your own greasemonkey javascripts or you can pick from thousands of grease monkey scripts to personalize a web site by adding extra functionality to the web site. The greasemonkey scripts just add extra elements to the website for your personalized experience.

  4. Firebug: Its a developer's tool. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in any web page and view the DOM structure of a web page. A must have for web application developers.

  5. Cool Previews: It provides a previewing feature. Just point your mouse over a link for few seconds and a pop up window will display the preview of a web page.

  6. Mouse Less Browsing: This provides a good solution for browsing the web in case your mouse is not functioning properly.The basic principle it uses is that it adds small boxes with unique ids behind every link and/or form element. You then just have to type in the id to trigger the corresponding action.

  7. Google Previews: This is a great addon and saves your search time by inserting preview images and popularity ranks of web sites into the Google and Yahoo search results pages. So you can save your search time by just visiting the most popular websites but this concept is not always true because a site might be upcoming or new and might have better content then the highly ranked website.

  8. Alexa Sparky: This addon is helpful both for web site owners and normal users. It displays the alexa traffic ranking of a website which is a measure of how many page hits the site has (too bad i don't indulge in social networking and promoting my site which leads to low traffic inflow).

  9. All In One Gestures:This extension allows you to execute common commands using different kinds of gestures.

  10. ChatZilla: This is an IRC (Internet relay chat) client. It is very useful and easy to use and as it is integrated in firefox it saves your pc's main-memory as you don't have to launch an extra chat application.