USB Errors

->>> does your usb hang your pc on boot.
the problems are of two types: problems (win xp,bios)
2.hardware problems.

1.Software problems
a) XP drivers problem :- in such a case go to my computer right click
and select properties -> hardware ->device manager, expand the usb
controllers option and uninstall each of them by right clicking and
selecting uninstall and then select scan for hardware changes and
the usb device may start working,if this does not work update your
drivers form the site of your motherboard manufacturer.
b) BIOS problem :- On boot menu press f12 or del depending upon ur bios,
and disable the "usb legacy support " press f10 to save and exit.
reboot and your device will work.If it does not then change the
interrupt assignment from "auto Escd" to "manual" then press
f10 and then reboot ( what this does is it reassigns interrupt
numbers to the ports in case your bios is having problem in assigning
interrupt numbers)
This should fix your problem.

2. Hardware problems :- Refer to your mother board manual and change
the usb jumpers (refer to usb device wakeup section of the manual)
to +5v and check all the connections of usb check whether
wire connection is proper (refer to connectors-> usb header)
and connection to the ground pin is proper.

Enjoy :) hope this helps.