It's a uber cool open source music player with itune like features developed by Mozilla but what makes it real cool is it has integrated web browser like mozilla firefox so you can surf while listening to the music and especially for those people with small size of ram memory and slower cpu's which leads to frequent interrupts in music when you open both your browser and the music player, Its a must have.

Besides this it also provides cool addons that normal music player do not provide like:

1. Media Flow : It provides an easy to navigate media view by which one can just slide through the album art and

2. Lyrics Master: It provides the lyrics of the soundtrack the user is cuurently listening to with options to save it.

3. Album Art Manager: This addon supplies the missing artwork of the album.

It also has the following integrated features.

1. Shout Cast Radio: This provides streaming of live music streams.

2. Concert Tickets: By this one can view upcoming concerts for the artists in your library

3. Mash Tape: By this one can Discover Flickr photos, YouTube videos, biographies, Google news of the currently playing artist.

Visit songbird home for more info.

Following is the snapshot of the player :